CCIS Annual Meeting

Each year, an annual meeting is held where action groups meet to start or continue planning related to the development of publicly available tools and resources to move IS in cancer forward in the coming year. Action group topics currently focus on (1) community participation in IS, (2) technology and IS, (3) context and equity in IS, (4) implementation of complex/multilevel interventions, (5) policy and IS, (6) study designs in IS, (7) learning healthcare systems as natural laboratories, and (8) IS in global health.

2022 CCIS Annual Meeting

The 2022 CCIS meeting focused on the evolution of efforts to enhance equity; mentoring, training, and diversifying the workforce; and multisectoral approach and collaboration. The event featured a variety of presentations and discussion sessions, as well as action group breakouts to encourage engagement and discussion.

2021 CCIS Meeting

The 2021 CCIS meeting focused on lessons learned in IS from COVID-19, and re-emerging and moving forward from the pandemic. The event featured a variety of presentations and discussion sessions, as well as pre-work to encourage more engagement and discussion during each virtual session meeting.

2020 CCIS Meeting

The 2020 ISCC was a working meeting that focused on short-term and long-term cancer control priorities; challenges and opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic; synergies and gaps in the implementation science space across National Cancer Institute funded initiatives; and discussion on infrastructures for cross collaboration.

2019 CCIS Meeting

The first Implementation Science Consortium in Cancer (ISCC) meeting focused on developing a new approach to establish an expectation of how the field can work together to address key challenges and identify and develop areas of research that require ongoing relationship and facilitation towards advancing the implementation science agenda in cancer control.

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February 02, 2023