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The Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences (DCCPS) aims to reduce cancer risk, incidence, and death and enhance quality of life for cancer survivors by supporting innovative research and recommending ways to apply that research in quality health care delivery.

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Future Directions

Director Dr. Katrina Goddard introduces this year’s Overview and Highlights report.

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Cancer Currents Blog

Financial navigation can reduce the financial toxicity of cancer care.


New Administrative Supplement Notices of Special Interest (NOSIs)

Learn more about these active NOSIs that support our six key future directions for research.


2022 Overview & Highlights Report

View this report, which covers a range of DCCPS initiatives and includes a retrospective on our work over the last 20 years.


Cancer Currents Blog

Reducing the cancer burden: future directions for NCI's cancer control research.


Cancer Currents Blog

Cancer and climate change: the health threats of unnatural disasters.


Bottom Line Blog

NCI encourages more collaborative research to accelerate cancer science.


Cancer Healthcast

Where psychology and skin cancer prevention meet.


In 1997, NCI established DCCPS to enhance its ability to alleviate the burden of cancer through cancer control research. This research generates basic knowledge about how to monitor and change individual and collective behavior, and to ensure that knowledge is translated into practice and policy rapidly, effectively, and efficiently.

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